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A quick intro

We are getting older and living at home for longer periods of time. Positive development, but with consequences for the future-proofing of care. As a society, we are responsible for the right care and support for all citizens. This requires clear choices. Rebel helps with issues such as the effective use of prevention, the promotion of health literacy and the design of long-term care in the future.

1 in 4. That’s how many people need to work in care to cope with the increasing demand for care in the coming years. And even then it remains to be seen whether we will be able to cope with future demand for care in the Netherlands. This requires a transformation of the content of care, for example by focusing on preventing care and strengthening primary care. Agreements about this have been made in, among others, the Integral Care Agreement (IZA), the Healthy and Active Living Agreement (GALA) and the Housing and Care Agreement (WOZO). Rebel advises governments, health insurers and care providers in the concretization and calculation of agreements from these agreements. We also use our knowledge and expertise to draw up impactful transformation plans arising from the WOZO.

Moreover: not everyone manages to participate. For people with a (mild) mental disability or a (long-term) psychiatric condition, life is a balancing act. Often things go well, sometimes things go very wrong and they drift to the frayed edges of society. Because these people do not fit into “boxes,” we work in this sector primarily on the integration of different systems, chain care. We work for care institutions (mental health care, intellectual disability care, forensic care) or municipalities that are committed to this group. We contribute by helping municipalities with the procurement of this care. We help care providers to come up with innovative concepts and to support them with an analysis of the social costs and benefits.

Finally, the seniors of the future have other demands on life and therefore also on care. Growing old in good health and – if necessary – receiving care where you prefer: at home. Care that contributes to maintaining the quality of life by starting from the wishes and needs of clients. Rebel helps by working together with care providers, clients, health insurers, ministries and municipalities on innovative care and residential concepts and forms of organization and financing that support this innovation.

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