Rebel supports clients with an integral approach towards port investments and port PPP.

An integral Rebel solution for port investments and port PPP

As we have worked for Port Authorities, Ministries and Terminal Operators, Rebel understands both public (economic and social) and private (financial) perspectives. It is our belief to apply an integrated approach: a combination of financial, banking, legal, commercial and procurement expertises are needed to be successful in port assignments, including port investments and port PPP.

Involved in every phase of port investments and port PPP

Rebel is involved in every development phase: from port strategy to port feasibility, port tendering, port investments and port funding. The business case is based on technical, logistical, financial, operational input and the financial flows between investor and Authority. We place the financial model at the core of our advice; our financial models are structured to make each (sub) decision transparent to all parties involved. In these processes risks and responsibilities are allocated to the appropriate party, by applying existing and new port PPP forms. This whole process is tailor made, always keeping Value for Money in mind.


Rebel provides the following services:
- Defining port strategy
- Arranging port PPP assessments
- Coordinating port tendering and port investments
- Preparing business cases
- Implementing transactions (public and private side)
- Studying port feasibility
- Arranging port funding

Experienced in port investments and port PPP

Rebel has performed port strategy and port funding assignments in the following ports:

Port of Rotterdam, Port of Amsterdam, Port of Flushing, Port of Eemshaven, Port of Moerdijk, Port of Waalwijk, Port of Venlo, Port of Den Helder

Belgium - Port of Antwerp, Port of Zeebrugge; Croatia - Port of Reijka; France - Port of Le Havre; Germany - Port of Hamburg; Montenegro - Port of Bar; Ireland - Port of Rosslare; Spain - Port of Barcelona; UK - Port of Teesport

Aruba - Port of Barcadera; Angola - Port of Luanda; Bangladesh - Port of Sonadia; Brunei, Cabo Verde - Port of Praia; Canada - Port of Vancouver; Dubai - Dubai Creek; Egypt - Nile terminals; Eritrea - Port of Massawa; Gambia - Port of Banjul; Indonesia - Port of Makassar; Israel - Port of Ashdod; Liberia - Port of Monrovia; Nigeria - Port of Ibaka; Qatar - Port of Mesaieed; Russian Federation - Port of St Petersburg; South Africa - Port of Coega; Tunisia - Port of Rades; Turkey - Port of Izmir; Ukraine - Port of Illichovsk; United States - Port of Long Beach

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