The Kist Committee project secretariat

The political and administrative issues which followed the introduction of the public transport OV Chip card were complex and taking on the secretariat for the project gave us a chance to help unravel some of the knots.

Projects secretariat
Rebel fulfilled the secretarial role for the Kist Committee when it investigated the added costs for the public transport OV chip card. After its introduction it soon became clear that the card cost more and yielded less than previously expected. The exact figures were a subject of discussion between the ministry and the transport providers, as was the question of who was responsible for the less than satisfactory results. The infrastructure and environment junior minister asked the Kist Committee to investigate.

Added value
We liked this assignment because of its political and administrative complexities and its public-private context. It also gave us a good opportunity to approach a project in terms of value. Then there was the process managerial issue of creating support among transport providers for the investigation itself. The added value we brought to the project focused on the application of terms of value: which ‘subjects’ influence costs and returns, and who influences windfalls and losses.

Figures and scenario
The solution turned out to be about more than figures. As time went on, it became clear that, much as the ‘outside world’ wanted to hear a figure, the ministry and the transport providers would be better served if they were handed a scenario for the best way forward. What do we do with the transport card? Do we get rid of it at this late stage? Or should we proceed while the momentum is there? And how do we go about it? In the end, our advice to the junior minister wasn’t just based on figures but on process management as well.

OV chip card does well in Rotterdam
Based on what we told the junior minister, he decided to replace the old ‘strippenkaart’ ticket system with the OV chip card in Rotterdam. Now, a few years later, the card is doing extremely well, especially in Rotterdam. We are very happy to have contributed to its success.


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