Real estate

At Rebel we like to contribute to architecture on a human scale. But feasibility is important too.

Complex real estate sector
The real estate sector is a broad and complex one, with many connections to other sectors. People need buildings to cater for different needs. There is social municipal real estate such as sports complexes, schools and theatres and state real estate such as prisons and museums. But there is healthcare as well: hospitals, and care homes for the elderly. Social housing with its important public task represents another important sector.

Specific and general challenges
Apart from specific changes and challenges, we are having to come to terms with the fact that the sky is no longer the limit. The real estate crisis and the number of empty office buildings bear testimony to this. There is also a shift in funding flows – the state no longer assumes the whole burden of financial responsibility. Local authorities have become responsible for adequate school accommodation, hospitals are having to make sure the investment in new buildings will be recovered eventually and housing corporations have to adhere to restrictive finance rules. These are new concerns that merit new solutions.

Rebel looks with new eyes…
At Rebel we have ample experience of a variety of sectors and this enables us to examine a specific problem with fresh eyes. In real estate our interest lies with the public and semi public sectors. We know quite a lot about banks, for instance, but we also know how education, healthcare and housing corporations are organised. That knowledge comes in very handy when we advise a hospital, a local authority or a corporation on financing a new build or a renovation project.

…through financial economic glasses
Our financial economic experience makes us experts at creating win-win situations for public and private parties. We can put together a feasibility model – by calculating if the building costs for a hospital new build are recoverable, for instance. We also manage innovative market approaches and public procurements by making the most of market forces for the public cause. We also assist with financing and fund formation. With our help the Isala Clinic in Zwolle (the Netherlands) was able to secure financing and we are looking into financing alternatives for the housing corporations too.

Better quality real estate for less money
Our goal is to professionalise the sector by weighing up long-term considerations that will lead to lower all-in prices and better quality buildings. Rebel wants to help create meeting places on a human scale, for students, patients, rent payers and art lovers alike.