Keeping the motor of industry running and increasing its power via smart logistics, that’s what Rebel believes in and wants to take maximum advantage of.

Cooperation in logistics appears difficult
Logistics pollutes, causes traffic overload and only takes up limited space… Nothing is more remote from the truth. Logistics provides precisely one of the most important leverages of the industrial motor; anchoring and strengthening major industrial activities. Rebel believes that major breakthroughs in efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the logistic chain can only be achieved if the forces of public and private sector can be bundled. In logistics and transport, this means concretely that flows of goods are bundled and supply chains are attuned to each other. Or, in short, cooperation! This sounds simple and obvious, but in practice it is anything but, certainly when logistic cooperation must be achieved between competing businesses.

Rebel breaks through the stalemate without setting multimodality as an aim in itself
Rebel aims at breaking through the existing stalemate. Over the years, we have built up successful experiences. As a result, we can now help setting up innovative partnerships with a low risk of failure. For us, however, it is obvious that a forced modal shift won’t work. Multimodality is rather a logical result of bundling volumes. Indeed, large volumes and flows are the best guarantee to give multimodality optimal chances.

And has the necessary tools available for smooth cooperation
To tackle logistic partnerships correctly, and to have them running efficiently and effectively, we implement different instruments from start to finish, such as freight flow mapping, the total logistic cost calculator and carbon footprint analysis. In addition, we also have the right strategic partnerships available, as well as a process-based approach. That is how we achieve smooth cooperation that keeps the motor running nicely!

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