Rebel wants to put its financial experience and healthcare expertise at the service of a  cheaper, high-quality healthcare.

Healthcare consumption and solidarity
Healthcare consumption is up and the health sector has been opened up to market forces. Strides in technology have increased treatment options. It’s a positive development that has led to comprehensive healthcare services and shorter waiting lists. Even so, public authorities are at a loss about how to reconcile market forces with the principle of solidarity which ensures equal access to good quality healthcare for everyone.

The market and social responsibility
Rebel believes in involving market forces but not to the detriment of social values and norms. Striking a proper balance between the two will result in a healthcare market that will run smoothly and care providers who will deliver a better product. We know what it takes to bring  public and private investors together. Healthcare is not the only sector to have discovered market forces. Housing corporations preceded it and so did the public transport sector. Our experiences in these sectors are now being successfully applied to the healthcare sector.

Price-quality ratio
We help healthcare organisations to finance their activities and any building plans they may have. We think of innovative public procurement procedures, enabling healthcare organisations to deliver a better price-quality ratio. The Medisch Spectrum Twente (Enschedé), for instance, has managed to realise its building ambitions in spite of the economic downturn. Rebel also offers policy and strategy support: in the Maldives we were involved in the PPP procurement process of a hospital and a rehab clinic.

Internationally competitive market
It is our ambition is to turn the Dutch healthcare sector into an internationally competitive market. We want to do away with the old structures that are obstructing efficiency and good quality of care. Only then can we safeguard the principle of solidarity.