Trio move from LeighFisher to Rebel


Kimmo Oostermeyer (42), Willem-Jan Zwanenburg (37) and Joris Snijders (32) are leaving LeighFisher and moving to Rebel, as strategy and financial advisor, infrastructure developer and investor, with its offices in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Washington DC, Johannesburg, Manila and Jakarta. Rebel, Kimmo, Willem-Jan and Joris (respectively director, principle consultant and consultant at LeighFisher) came together thanks to their shared desire to make a real difference in improving mobility and accessibility.

The ambitions of Rebel and the three men make for a perfect match: to make the world a better place by finding creative solutions in the field of infrastructure and mobility. Not only making new infrastructure possible but also existing infrastructure profitable. This move certainly strengthens Rebel’s expert knowledge and operational expertise. Kimmo: “The combination of strategy and finance, technology and operation, enables us to serve the ‘whole customer’, from the executive leadership to the front-runners who procure and deliver projects and operations. This makes us capable of offering a fully integrated package of services covering consulting, implementation and optimization across all stages of the infrastructure lifecycle. As an example: we see a clear potential for the UK and European rail sector to reduce the intrinsic system cost with increasing performance.”

Combining sound consultancy and entrepreneurship
The decisive factor for Kimmo, Willem-Jan and Joris in opting for Rebel was the unique environment where sound advice goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship. This is embodied by the solution-focused thinking which actively seeks to connect consultation, investment and the physical realisation of projects. Rebel sets itself apart by being prepared to stick its neck out and participate in risk projects. Thanks to this move, the coming years will see Rebel focusing more intensively on the areas of infrastructure, mobility and transport.

Contact information
To contact Kimmo Oostermeyer, Willem-Jan Zwanenburg and Joris Snijders for further explanation of their vision and goals: / 06 13500042, / 06 24549876 en / 06 24758628.

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