Strategy development

Times are unpredictable but Rebel is ready to make solid, yet flexible plans based on entrepreneurship.

We are living in a fast-moving world. The pace of change is increasing and so are the pressures on staff and stakeholders. Organisations need to respond by devising flexible and transparent business strategies.

Rebel determines strategy with clients…
We like nothing better than to determine a broadly focused, made-to-measure business strategy with our clients, both for the short and the long term. We put together a solid plan with clear objectives and a transparent organisational structure. But we also deal with problems that arise along the way. A waste processing company needed advice on the extension of the environmental license for their waste incinerator. We researched possible alternatives concerning location, waste processing techniques and cooperative structures. Based on the resulting data, Rebel and the company were able to devise a strategy for the future. Over the years we have also helped government authorities and stakeholders in emerging markets like Tanzania and Ukraine, putting in place development strategies and PPP programme policy. Corporate strategy development is another of Rebel areas of expertise. We devised an investment strategy for Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi and a corporatisation strategy for the Aqaba oil terminal in Jordan.

…and stimulates entrepreneurship
Our approach to strategy is to make plans in close cooperation with our clients and use these as a solid basis to make the right decisions. But that is only half the story. Where the people at Rebel really come into their own is in their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Good entrepreneurship needs commitment and input from all levels of the company. We collate all the information in such a way as to be of direct use to executives. Strategy has to be widely supported or plans will remain what they are: just plans.

Project selection

Accelerating PPPs in Tanzania

Client: Government of Tanzania


The development of PPP policy in Lesotho

Client: International Finance Corporation