Organisational development

Ready, set, go! Another organisation has joined the race for the top spot. Rebel dons its coaching cap to promote organisational development.

Project based working and organisational structure
Increasingly, both public and private organisations opt for a project-based approach to their activities. Existing hierarchical organisational structures no longer fit the bill. Complex projects are best served by horizontal cooperation between and within organisations. What does such an organisational structure look like and who is in charge? What is the common goal?

Rebel is on the outside looking in
Our experience with a variety of sectors has resulted in an extensive knowledge of what makes organisations tick. Armed with this knowledge, we are on the outside looking in. Based on what we see we ask a number of questions: what does the organisation wish to achieve? Where do the opportunities lie in this particular sector? What do people need to do to make the most of these opportunities? How, for example, should a beginning entrepreneur in the recycling sector go about organising his business? Entrepreneurship is key at Rebel. We are entrepreneurs ourselves. Not that we would tell people our way is best. We deliver solutions that are tailor-made: no two organisations are the same.

Start, course and finish: ready, set, go!
The Rebel coaching process has three key moments. We start out by ascertaining a business strategy. That means putting together a business case. Then we look at the business opportunities and determine where the focus should be. This requires a plan of attack. This is followed by the delivery stage in which strategies become actions and vision becomes reality.  Take the Asian Development Bank, for instance. We helped  to integrate the PPP concept into its activities by advising on organisational structure, training and capacity. Clients often ask for an evaluation of the race. Based on the result we devise a new training scheme. We like to call the whole process ‘ready, set, go!’ Our experience and knowledge can help you win your race. Are you ready?

Project selection

Promoting PPPs in the Ukraine

Client: Ministry of Finance of Ukraine