Financial modelling

Flexible, appropriate, structured and transparent
To guarantee high quality, Rebel’s experienced modelling team exclusively works with the internationally renowned FAST Standard. That Standard is a continuously updated and developed guideline to build financial models. It has been developed through collaboration of professional financial modellers across the globe. The acronym FAST demonstrates the belief that models should be flexible, appropriate, structured and transparent. We pursue those key principles in every model we make.

User-friendly models that are never recycled
The purpose of a financial model is to generate the management insights that support better commercial decision-making. It creates a controlled environment in which you can test business hypotheses. We always build our models from scratch. They are specifically designed for the project’s and the client’s needs. We do not recycle old models. Also, the model has to be user-friendly: through specific ‘cockpits’ and input sheets, users should be able to operate the model easily.

Rebel models, trains and supports
From our extensive experience, we build different kinds of models for various projects: PPP-models, models for renewable energy or real estate projects, logistic decision tools, feasibility models, …. In addition, we perform model audits and help clients with their modelling questions and requests. In collaboration with the F1F9 Academy, we also offer modelling training for beginners and professionals several times a year.