Economic analysis

Rebel looks at the world from an economic perspective and comes up with practical, theoretically sound and wide-ranging solutions to the problems of tomorrow.

It’s the economy, ..
If there is one thing the crisis has shown, it is that economics is everywhere. Growth seemed never-ending and it made for a comfortable working environment. House prices would continue to rise, or so we assumed. The crisis is here, however, and there are new challenges to be met. Rebel can help.

Wide-ranging solutions…
Our background in financial economics is the basis for our economic research and advisory support. We work for sectors, such as the housing sector in South Africa, which hired us to make a social cost-benefit analysis of its national social housing policy, as well as private parties who need advice on how to interact with other stakeholders, such as national authorities, insurers and organisations. We also translate objectives into specific projects. The social cost-benefit analysis for the 2028 Olympic Games and the business case and financing strategy of the new cross-river tunnel link in Rotterdam are just some examples out of many. Our own financial stake in a number of projects, coupled to our extensive knowledge of such diverse sectors as waste & recycling, mobility, infrastructure and health care, means we are ideally placed to make these translations. We are quick to spot the economic structure at the basis of a problem or ambition and find flexible, future proof solutions.

…and standards for the future
We think it is important to keep developing knowledge, not only as a resource to cope with problems such as population decline and finance in times of crisis but also as a way to open up new markets, such as the banking sector. We are actively involved in developing new standards for carrying out social cost-benefit analyses, risk assessment and putting together business cases. Of course, our first consideration is always to see whether such a standard has any added value. At Rebel, we know that tailor-made solutions will always be necessary. 

Project selection

Olympic Games 2028

Client: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport