Customized training

Our state-of-the-art training programme links theory and practice and builds on existing expertise. And there is no such thing as a one-size-fits all training.

(Practical) knowledge gaps
National and local authorities and companies are faced with increasingly complex financial strategic issues. Project staff often lack the necessary (practical) knowledge and have to make do with ad hoc information and context. Rebel has a financial-strategic training programme that takes an in-depth look at

1. Sector context and sector changes: national and international PPP training, and training directed at healthcare reform.
2. Relevant, financial-economic knowledge: risk analysis, business cases, social cost-benefit analyses and financing.
3. Application of knowledge to the student’s own organisation: for instance, project finance in relation to the policy and culture of a bank or contracting business.

Rebel has state-of-the-art knowledge…
Our trainers have contributed to all of the above fields of knowledge by writing about them and working on a variety of projects. That makes them ideally suited to make the connection between theory and practice. Our training programmes are interactive. Apart from the practical value of this approach, we have also seen that knowledge acquired in this way tends to stick. The trainers are directly involved in various projects and are facing the same challenges. Their use of real life cases makes for inspiring classes. 

…and delivers tailor-made training
Our course material is tailor-made to fit the needs of the client. Contractors, developers, banks, or government authorities will all have different wishes and requirements. Whether the focus is on ports, healthcare, education, water management or real estate, we have the training to match. We have seen that tailor-made training leads to better results. The programme is varied but central to all training modules is the focus on value-based thinking. That means that the long-term solution to every problem we are faced with is looked at in terms of creating social and financial value.