Asset management

Creating sustainable value through asset management, by setting value for money as a priority. Making sure that investments yield a sensible change and by excellent stewardship and life cycle optimisation. Rebel is keen to accept the challenge of putting this into practice.

Asset market in turmoil
Notwithstanding the economic climate, infrastructure has proven to be a stable asset worldwide. It is therefore a choice that crops up more and more in the asset allocation of institutional investors. The market is in turmoil and construction companies are keen to find participation opportunities in capital-intensive projects, such as PPP’s, without burdening their balance sheets excessively or losing control. Should you take along an investor as a strategic partner from the start of the tender process, or at a later stage? Investors in their turn are struggling with the issue of how to handle this asset class. Will investing via a fund enable me to reach my target? Is the investment horizon advisable and are the exit risks limited? Will the promised capital be invested quickly enough? Does the asset manager offer enough added value for the fees charged?

Asset owners step up
Increasing accountability, greater budgetary scrutiny and increased demand push asset owners towards a more professional approach to managing their assets. Asset owners ask new questions: what relevant data do I need concerning my assets to formulate decisions that address the business delivery today, as well as the longer terms stewardships of the asset? What possibilities have I to optimize life cycle costs? Good, logical questions to which Rebel can help you find an answer.

Rebel guides from start to finish
Rebel is used to working with public authorities, constructions companies, project developers, investors, fund managers, infrastructure managers and financiers on a daily basis. We are knee-deep in this world and this position helps us answer many questions like these. We are monitoring different sectors continuously and support investors during the whole process, i.e. we help establishing the investment strategy, picking the assets, carrying out valuation and due diligence, following up the investment, as well as implementing the asset management strategy. For construction companies and developers, we research funding solutions that support the development of the corporate strategy in a sustainable manner at project and portfolio level.

And provides value for money and transparency
In everything we do, value for money and transparency are our priorities. As an asset class, infrastructure offers unique opportunities to create value for all stakeholders. At Rebel, we are enormously motivated to put the value-for-money principle first in asset management too, because we are really keen to make our contribution.